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The PJL Ltd website is updated weekly with stock for sale. Under “Store cattle for sale” there are groups of cattle available in the UK, both large and small batches are shown to suit every need. British cattle breeds and continental breeds i.e. Simmental, Charolais and Limousin are available. Breeding cattle for sale, again large and small batches available to suit buyers requirements. The Reared calves available are out of our contract calf rearers. Although it is always better to order reared calves in advance it’s worth looking to see if there is anything “off the shelf”. If you can’t see exactly what you want please give us a ring.

PJL Promise

High quality service

High health status

High growth rates

Low mortality rates

BVD screened using the IDEXX system

What our customers say…

“I run a farm in North Yorkshire and have been using PJL Ltd to market my stock for the last 10 years. We purchase approximately 200 high health status, beef bred continental reared calves from PJL and sell them as stores, again through PJL. The complete marketing package, underpinned by a depth of knowledge, extensive customer/supplier base and friendly and helpful service guarantees a stress free experience from start to finish.”

M Barker

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