Reared Calves

Reared calves are available throughout the year from PJL calf rearers. All breeds are available, Continental crosses, British Blues, Simmentals, Limousins, and Charolais. Also native breeds, Angus and Hereford.

Reared calves are generally ordered in advance to ensure we can get the precise stock you require and to ensure availability.

PJL operates with a number of core calf rearers, who produce the high quality, high health status reared calves that PJL supply. To maximise the productivity of the cattle, the calf rearing period must be highly efficient. The calves must achieve high growth rates and mortality must be kept low.

Calves are supplied in batches of 30 – 150 and units are filled up quickly. Calves arriving on the unit will be 2/4 weeks and are injected with Rispoval 4, they receive a booster 3/4 weeks later. They are kept on milk for 5/6 weeks, weaned, dehorned and castrated. Calves are fed on ad lib concentrates; starter pellets and rearing nuts and rations are reviewed on a regular basis.

Calves come out of rear at approximately 12 weeks of age, are fit and healthy and will average 170 kgs. PJL repurchase the calves at a contract price (subject to weight)

WE are always looking for HIGH QUALITY calf rearers to join our existing team.

Calf rearing through PJL offers a regular income, a viable enterprise with low investment and minimal land requirement.