TB Restricted Cattle

PJL Ltd have available, on an ongoing basis, groups of TB restricted cattle.

At any one time we can supply groups of stock of varied numbers and sizes, mainly in the West and South West of the country.

The ability to take in TB restricted cattle opens up many stock buying opportunities for the Finisher with the added bonus that they are understandably cheaper than non restricted cattle. Generally speaking the smaller cattle tend to be the best value for money with the bigger cattle 18-24 months being only · 10 to · 20 pence per kg less than non restricted stock.

The bulk of the TB cattle we have on offer will be dairy bred beef cross cattle.

We also have substantial numbers of Organic TB cattle booked in, making a very attractive proposition for Organic Finishers. As with non restricted cattle they are mainly sold on a weight basis.

For further details and availability please keep an eye on our  Stock page but also contact David Bostock on 07734 808 050

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